A Master Builder Approach

The Difference

Gannage Design & Construction is a design-build construction company specializing in major remodels, home additions, kitchen remodels and decks. Unlike most general contractors, we only accept a hand full of clients each year in order to maintain a superior level of communication and attention to detail. Design-Build is sometimes compared to the “master builder” approach, one of the oldest forms of the construction procedure. As a design-build company, we are the single source of responsibility over the duration of the entire project. Superior communication, expert knowledge and attention to detail are our main goals in providing you the experience you are looking for. We understand that any level of home remodeling can be an overwhelming process. Our aim is to ease your fears and give you confidence during the remodeling process. We have designed a three-tiered process that has proven to help our clients navigate successfully the construction process. Whether it is a kitchen remodel, home addition or major remodel we are here to guide you every step of the way. Communication is the foundation of every good relationship; your general contractor should not be the exception.


During any construction project there are numerous details, decisions, changes and updates that take place, that is why we use a cutting edge construction management software. This web based software allows us to grant you real time access, whether on a computer or phone app, to your project schedule, selection allowances and the power to make finish selection choices. Co-Construct also tracks all communication and files messages and photos to corresponding selections. Your entire team will use this software to receive schedule updates, detailed instructions and messages. We have found that this streamlines all communication making remodeling and building more cost effective and keeps scheduling on track. Quality communication is crucial to your peace of mind during your remodel or addition project.

Take a minute to watch a short video about Co-Construct.


When it comes to construction, remodeling, addition or deck building, experience and knowledge are paramount. Building on three generations in the real property development we have been operating under our own general contractor’s license since April of 2000. We draw upon the length and breadth of that experience to best serve you, your investment, and your overall experience. Our construction crew is vetted, fully trained and qualified to provide you with the professional building that you expect. Often, knowing what can, should and will happen before it does, is a key element to a successful and timely project. In addition, we stay up to date with the most current methods in our field with continuing education at every level of our operation. We are licensed, bonded and insured and never take short cuts that could jeopardize your safety or the safety of those working on your project. We have a preferred list of sub-contractors which we are very familiar with; we only use qualified professionals. Many of them have been working with us for a decade, which gives us a great deal of continuity. If a problem arises with a sub-contractor, we will not leave the job until the problem has been fixed and is to our professional standard. Excellence is a requirement we will not compromise on.

No Detail Too Small

We strive for perfection. Every remodel is completed to your expectation and our level of satisfaction. We leave jobs clean. Period. We protect your property and belongings. We value your time and your space, recognizing that although it is under construction, we are guests in your home. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We want your house to be a home and we understand that every element is significant. The minor details are never too small.

Our Privilege

At Gannage Design & Construction, our clients become our friends and our friends become clients. Choosing the right team players is a critical decision that effects both the quality of work and the experience you receive. We consider it a privilege to guide you through the remodel or home renovation process.

Our Guarantee

When we commit to a written scope of work, every detail is followed, no excuses, no exceptions. We guarantee it.

Our Credentials

Contractors State License # 778043 Check a Contractors State License.

Business Licenses

We currently have active licenses for the following cities. Depending on the size of your construction project, we will obtain licenses for cities outside of these areas.

  • City of San Luis Obispo Certificate No. 105015
  • City of El Paso de Robles License No. 10003
  • City of Atascadero License No. 16820
  • City of Morro Bay SIC No. 1521017

Insurance & Bond Policies

All insurance/bond policies are managed by Engle & Associates who can be reached at 805 544-8929.

  • Commercial Liability Policy Number EN115559601
  • Automobile Liability Policy Number BA040000015451
  • Workers Comp./Employers Liability Policy Number 9080584-2015
  • We are Bonded for $12,500.00. Bond No. 1000037470

Our Better Business Bureau Report