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Construction Services

Remodeling Services- Rearranging what you have.

Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, garage conversions, we do it all! The bulk of our construction work falls under home remodeling. Remodeling in many cases, has become the smart financial move of our time. In many instances the perfect home is not in the perfect location. But this is where we can come to the rescue! Our crew is experienced in the ins and outs of taking your home to the next level. It is essential to have an understanding of older construction methods and how to bring them up to code. Being in the field for over 16 years means that we have a working understanding of what we are looking to upgrade, allowing us to avoid any un-foreseen mishaps. In addition to plan design and home remodeling we can assist you with making flooring, countertop, cabinet and all finish choices. We have vendor accounts with various home remodel and construction supply companies and are committed to finding you the best price on your selections. Construction equals mess. But we understand that this is your home and we take great strides in protecting your belonging with proper draping and daily site cleaning.

Room Additions- Making more room!

Room additions are a construction love child of Custom Home Construction and Remodeling. Aside from purchasing property a room addition follows a similar path of a new home construction in that it is being built from the ground up. Room additions are the perfect solution when a house is in the perfect location on the perfect lot, it is just a little too small! We can help you design a new space and coordinate all the sub-contractors required to safely complete your addition. Our design team will work hand in hand with soil engineers, structural engineers and the county building office to make sure your room addition goes as planned.

Renovation- A spa day and makeover for your house.

Renovation is often mistaken for remodeling. Home renovation takes what you have and basically gives it a face lift. In construction, this means no structural changes. Flooring, wall texture, paint color, cabinet refinishing and new fixtures and appliances all are covered under a renovation. It essential to have a team that understands how to work with the existing structure and style of your home and bring it up to date without damaging any structural elements of the home. Based on our experience the best way to accomplish this is by using qualified professional subcontractors with years of experience in their respective trade. Home renovation is a perfect option for older homes that are sound and spacious but not up to date.


Regardless of your project, we take pride in being a trusted general contractor in Paso Robles, Templeton, Cayucos and San Luis Obispo. Unlike some construction companies, we take on only a few clients every year. This insures that we are available to you during your remodel, renovation or addition. Because of our unique process and project management software we are able to make the largest remodels seem like a breeze. Our goal is to provide your with a remodeling experience you would do again.