Complete Construction Services


New Construction

New construction, as it implies, involves all new development of land. Land purchase, surveying, underground utilities, driveway construction, sometimes street and sidewalk construction, all long before you see a single part of your visible home construction. These are part of the planning, development, design, and cost considerations we help you manage.

The part you may be familiar with is the actual home design and construction. Our goal is to integrate a smooth and well projected path of choices and budget decisions from the land purchase to the kitchen faucet selection. We want you to be confident in each and every decision that needs to be made, including when it needs to be made. With our combined in-house design and construction experience, and the integration of our cutting edge project management program (Co-construct), we are confident that we can lead you through an enjoyable new construction experience.

Remodeling Services

Kitchen remodel, bath remodel, garage conversions, we do it all! The bulk of our construction work falls under this category. Our crew is experienced in the ins and outs of taking your home to the next level. Remodeling your home has, in many cases, become the smart financial move of our time. With rising new construction costs, remodeling can save a great deal of money. Still there are many things to consider before you decide to remodel.

Unlike new construction, you don't get to choose your "perfect" layout and square footage, but all the same interior selection choices are available to you depending on the how vast you plan to remodel.

Remodeling also introduces a whole new dimension of complexity because of the unknown conditions of your existing home’s construction. Everything from lead and asbestos removal to substandard or pest and rot destroyed structural elements can be discovered once we start in. Our remodel team has the unique skills to integrate new materials with older, sometimes outdated, techniques and material.

In addition, we, as your design and construction team recognize a key difference between remodel and new home construction. This is already your home. We are guests who desire to respect your space and unique expectations for how you want your home to be treated. This effects everything from security, and care of your existing home to how we conduct ourselves in your living environment. We acknowledge that we will be making a level of mess you would never ordinarily tolerate, so daily cleaning, and consideration for dust and dirt control are essential elements to the remodeling process.

Just because someone has “done the work”, doesn’t mean it has been done well or in a proper remodel environment. This is why our team has been carefully selected for these unique qualities.


Room additions are like a hybrid; they introduce elements of new construction into a remodel environment. Minus the initial property development steps, addition construction has the same concerns and added costs as new construction, while at the same time merging with your existing home construction. This brings to light another important distinction of our team for your best interest. We bring our design teams new construction experience and ability to partner with our uniquely chosen remodel team for construction. The best of both worlds!


This is an often misunderstood part of construction. It is frequently confused with remodeling your home in which you are introducing modification to your wall and room layout.

Renovation is the process of renewing or refreshing existing elements. In construction, this means no structural changes. It would include flooring change, wall texture and paint, cabinet refinishing, new fixtures and appliances. Renovation is a great option when you have a home you like, but its older with worn and dated finish materials. Based on our experience, we bring a key to the successful renovation, qualified professional subcontractors with years of experience with us and with renovation construction.