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We are a full-service design firm with all phases of services offered below. However, since the Conceptual Design Contract is a standalone contract, there is no obligation to move into a Permitting Contract upon completion of your plans. - Residential As-Builts & Conceptual Drawings - Construction Documents - Interior Design Development Design-Build has emerged as a leader in today’s construction industry and has roots that are more than 4,000 years old. The design-build method is based on the ancient concept of a Master Builder who accepted full responsibility for designing and constructing a project from conception to completion. Using this method allows the owner to focus on the projects scope and final selection making instead of spending countless hours going back and forth between a contractor and designer with changes and questions. The design-build delivery system allows the contractor to establish a guaranteed cost early on. We get you a Rough Construction Estimate at the end of a Conceptual Design Contract and have that number completely refined by the end of a Permitting Contract. This allows the owner to make changes, request additional value engineering, or add to the scope of the project before the substantial design is complete.