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As part of our process, we can relieve the stress of obtaining a permit through the city or county. A permit is required for just about every project. The process differs for the size of the project and the city you are located in. We can empower you upfront with key knowledge of the fees and requirements that will be required for your type of project, limiting any surprises and “hidden” fees. Building code is constantly changing as are permit fees through the city which can be very frustrating for home owners and contractors alike. Because of this we stay up to date on regulations and current code enforcement through continue education and research. Gannage Design & Construction has working relationships with many technicians in all the different Building Departments of the Central Coast of California. In an effort relieve your stress, we at Gannage Design & Construction provide the following services, as needed, as part of the Permitting Contract: - Project Application Documents - Building Permit Fees (an estimate from city is included in contract, extra fees billed to client) - Project Submittal Review - Plan Check Status and Follow Through - Project Representation with public agency staff, review committees and decision makers - Facilitation of Timely Review Process - Project Revisions Impacting Issued Permits - Code Enforcement Violation Resolution - Engineering Requirements (GDC will obtain bids prior to signing a Permitting Contract) o Title 24 o Soils Report o Structural Engineering o Fire Sprinkler Requirements o Arborist Report As you can imagine, all of this takes time. Utilizing our relationships and experience can save you months of time and frustration. Waiting is hard. Probably the hardest part of the construction process. That is why we like to use this time to get you set up on Co-Construct.


Once you have created a login for Co-Construct you will be able to start making Selections. Flooring, sink faucets, paint color, countertops, tile, lighting, etc. We build your job in Co-Construct with Specifications (Demolition, Framing, Drywall, etc.) and Selections (the things you get to choose). For every Selection we give you an Allowance, this is the amount per item that you can spend without increasing the estimated cost of your project. We like to give our clients a healthy budget based on your tastes and desired finish. This allows you to maintain control over the cost of your project. It also reduces the chance of budget overruns. After all bids are received back from involved Sub-Contractors and you have made all your Selections. We can present you with a Hard Construction Number which we use for your Home Improvement Contract.