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Designing Dreams • Building Reality

The Central Coast’s Remodel and Addition Specialist since 2000.

Gannage Design & Construction Is A Design + Build Firm Specializing In Major Home Remodeling & Custom Homes Along The California Central Coast.

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A Whole Home Remodel is all-encompassing, involving numerous areas of the home. Kitchens and bathrooms are often included as they are the most used rooms in the home; they also provide fantastic ROI.

Whether or not we strip your house down to the studs or just work on a couple of rooms, as your home remodeling contractor, our goal is to seamlessly guide you through the entire process.

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Custom Homes

As a Design-Build firm, we have the ability to walk you through the whole process. Taking that napkin drawing and guiding you to the fruition of your dreams is our #1 goal.

Every aspect of our custom home-building process is designed around creating a positive experience for our customers, from our state-of-the-art automated software systems to our prompt attention to even the smallest detail both during and after construction. 


ADUs are structures that are either built from the ground up or converted from an existing structure. The idea is to establish an additional residential dwelling on your property that you can use for any number of purposes.

Many homeowners who utilize ADU construction services do so to gain the ability to house loved ones or earn passive income. Additional Dwelling Units are a great return on investment.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

– Saint Francis of Assisi.

New Construction & Home Remodeling Company Serving The Central Coast – A MASTER BUILDER APPROACH

Gannage Design & Construction is a custom home building and remodeling company based in Templeton, CA. Serving the Central Coast for over 20 years, we specialize in design build services, new construction, major remodels, home additions, kitchen remodels, and decks.

Unlike most general contractors, we only accept a handful of clients each year in order to maintain a superior level of communication and attention to detail. Design-build is sometimes compared to the “master builder” approach, one of the oldest forms of the construction procedure.

As a design-build company, we are the single source of responsibility for the entire project. Superior communication, expert knowledge, and attention to detail are our main goals in serving you.

For more information about our home building company in Templeton, CA, contact our team today.

Why Design-Build?

Any New Home, Renovation, Or Remodel Is Stressful.

See How Our Design-Build Process Helps Mitigate Stress.

Single Point of Contact For the Customer

Sometimes called a Master Builder Approach, the design-build model means that you will have an individual point of contact that will lead you throughout the entire process. We will coordinate with structural and civil engineers, building department officials, and any other departments required to obtain a permit. See how Co-Construct keeps communication, budget, and selections in one centralized location giving you peace of mind.

Controlled Cost-Estimation

As a design-build remodeling company, we are uniquely positioned to help you establish a realistic budget from the start. The first number you will receive from us is during our initial walk-through and is a wide cost range based on previously completed projects. This is meant to establish the feasibility of your project. At the end of our Conceptual Design Phase you will receive a written Rough Construction Estimate from us which is the first opportunity to refine your scope of work. This number will be updated throughout the selection process with trade partner proposals during the Permitting Phase. Ultimately, this leads to your Fixed Fee Construction Contract. This puts you squarely in control of the cost of your project from beginning to end, there is little worse than falling in love with something you cannot afford.

Timely Completion of Each Project Phase

One of the biggest advantages of a design-build model is time efficiency. Because we carefully coordinate all trades prior to starting a project, there is little to no time lag between the different stages. As the Central Coast’s leading design-build residential construction contractor, Gannage Design & Construction has long-standing, vetted relationships with vendors and tradesmen. These relationships position us to be a priority to these trade partners. This positively impacts cost, scheduling, workmanship, and warranty. As a General Contractor, it’s not what you know but who you know. After 30 years of residential construction on the Central Coast, we put together the best team possible to complete your project.

Creative Design Solutions

The Gannage Design & Construction team is committed to functional, beautiful, and value-engineered designs. This sometimes means you might hear this from us, “I understand what you are trying to accomplish, and we can certainly build it that way, but let’s consider X.” Which usually leads to cost savings or a more functional layout. We take great pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction which is why we provide a fully customized experience and personal touch with every project. Want to walk through a Home Layout?


Proven Three Tiered Process Ensures That Your Dream Becomes a Reality



Our in-house design team will work with you to put your dreams to paper. We will present you with several rough layouts and work together to get a general direction for your project. At the end of this step, you will have an initial design layout, a rough construction estimate, and a fixed fee permitting proposal.



Prior to presenting you with a contract, we will get an estimate of permitting fees from the Building Department, Structural Engineering, and any other services that may be required for your project. This may include Title 24, Fire Sprinklers, Septic Design, Soils Report or Percolation Test and/or Topographical Study.



During the Permitting Contract phase, we will have guided you through making all your Finish Selections (faucets, tile, paint color, door style, etc.) and collected all Sub-Contractor proposals. We target signing this contract approximately three months prior to your desired start date so that we can ensure all materials arrive on time and lock in the best prices possible.

What Our Clients Say

“After interviewing several contractors we decided to go with Gannage because we felt the most comfortable with them. They weren’t trying to cut corners. Right away, it was the right way to go for us!”
-Kathleen Wells & John Wells
Edith Martin
Edith Martin
Last year we did a whole house remodel with Gannage Design and Construction. Denise was an expert at helping me with the design to make a totally functional and great looking home out of a 1960’s tract house. Mikhail was wonderful to work with; explaining everything regarding construction during the entire project. We are currently working with Gannage again on a second project; an ADU (Additional dwelling unit) since our initial project made our dreams become a reality. We are truly looking forward to working with this team again!
Peter Dentith
Peter Dentith
I contacted Gannage Design & Construction to open up a stairwell adjacent to my kitchen and replace countertops. It was a bit of an unknown until we were able to open it up. When Mikhail and Denise came by to provide an estimate they were able to quickly understand what I wanted and give a quick ballpark range. We then worked together on a quote using a slick software program, where we were able to track the selected finishes, countertops, cabinets, etc. The work took about 2 weeks to complete and the construction team did very good work, were punctual and cleaned up after themselves. Mikhail was also good at communicating throughout the process. Overall, I am very happy with my experience and would reach out to them again for additional work and have already recommended them multiple times.
E Rawers
E Rawers
Gannage Construction was the best company I could have selected to work with. My Family member passed, and the house was in need of some repairs. Gannage walked me through every step. Video Conference to show me what was needed and where it was needed. Dry Rot, lots of dry rot. framing issue, (previous repaired not by Gannage) roof leak, Bad Drywall, Moldings, Tile, frame and structure. They helped and fixed it all. They were the perfect company to help get house from not so good, to a wonderful looking property. We owe them many thanks, and would love to work with them again.
Emily Baird
Emily Baird
Wow! Not only do we love living in our house but we love the people who work here too. The work that they did on this house is truly amazing; I really can't believe this is the same house as before the construction. Everything is very clean cut and well designed. Mikhail is also the nicest person ever and so helpful! We will be sad to leave after we graduate!
Camille Grigsby
Camille Grigsby
I currently live in a house that was newly remodeled by Gannage Design and Construction. Absolutely LOVE all the work they did and the workers go above and beyond. Mikhail has helped a group of clueless college girls fix almost anything. Would highly recommend!!!
Leslie Bullock
Leslie Bullock
Working with Gannage Design and Construction for my home addition project was an extremely positive experience. I simply love my enhanced entry way, half bath, and spiral stair case leading to a rustic loft with a large window seat. Gannage's quality of workmanship, the integrity, professionalism and hard work of all the team, attention to detail and working with me every step of the way was impressive and refreshing. What was most important to me in the remodel process was responsive and direct communication throughout; from negotiating budget to creating the design, to problem solving, to answering my questions and keeping me informed of issues and progress, in this regard I can't speak highly enough of Gannage Design and Construction. Both Denise and Mikhail are great communicators, skilled, straightforward and professional at what they do. I don't hesitate to recommend Gannage for anyone's remodeling or construction needs.
Ron Ricci
Ron Ricci
We are extremely happy customers of Gannage Construction. We recently decided to remodel our San Luis Obispo home. We wanted to bring the older electrical wiring up to code and modernize the kitchen. Our goals also included internal demo-ing of drywall and internal painting. External painting and repairs to external siding were included. My wife and I are experienced at renovations and originally believed we could hire local individual contractors. But it became clear after talking to Gannage Construction that a local expert would be both faster and more comprehensive in terms of bringing all the pieces of the work together under one vision. CEO Mikhail and his team were superb. We finished on time and on budget. The end result is simply gorgeous and totally exceeded our expectations. Gannage uses an innovative online project management software where it is crystal clear what you are authorizing (with pictures) and what the status of the work is. We approved much of the work from the online software. It is also important to note how important it is to have a local contractor with fantastic local relationships with the local permitting process. We enthusiastically recommend Gannage Construction.
Laura Kasfeldt
Laura Kasfeldt
The best. Having dealt with other construction companies lately, I now know how amazing Mikhail and his staff are. Mikhail explains everything, the work is beautiful, everyone is professional and kind. Mikhail and his crews obviously take pride in what they do. Thank you, thank you. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
Rod Marks
Rod Marks
Very pleasant and helpful experience. Mikhail saw right through what I thought needed to be done and solved my actual problem.

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5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Major Remodel
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You should feel confident and excited during your home-remodeling process. After all, the builder you choose could mean the difference between a project that’s done right, on time, and on budget and one that costs too much, takes too long, and is fraught with quality problems.

But with every remodeling company claiming to be qualified, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one?

Download 5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Major Remodel, written by Master Builder, Mikhail Gannage. This guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes that wind up costing you a ton of money and time.

In it, you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • How do I plan my budget?
  • How do I pick the right remodeling team?
  • Should I set a deadline?
  • What will the impact on my living situation be, and how do I plan for it??
  • How do I choose the right selections?

Designing Dreams And Building Reality Throughout The Central Coast.

Designing Dreams And

Building Reality Throughout

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