5 Up-and-Coming Areas To Build Your Dream Home

Houses are going up left and right, so you may be wondering when it’s your turn where you’ll end up living. There are 50 great states to choose from, so what locations provide the best options? Here are five up-and-coming areas to build your dream home.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an extremely diverse area with so much going for it. There are tons of industries setting up shop in the city with job opportunities galore. On top of career options, Georgia’s geography offers a little of everything. You can head to the beach or spend some time in the mountains—no matter what you like, there’s something for you in Georgia.

Seattle, Washington

If the East Coast isn’t your thing, try going west. Seattle has a more moderate climate than Atlanta, with easy access to the Pacific Ocean. Plus, there are few better areas to settle down for workers in the tech sector. And for people thinking about starting a family, Seattle has some of the best schools in the country and comes with excellent public transportation options.

Buffalo, New York

This once-great city on the Erie Canal is making its way back into the spotlight. With downtown Buffalo making a cultural resurgence and their local football team poised as one of the very best in the league, the economic troubles that once plagued Buffalo seem to be in the past. With reasonable mortgage prices and perfect summers, consider Buffalo if you’re prepared to brave the winter.

Dallas, Texas

Texas had to be on this list somewhere, right? With (usually) warm winters and perfect summers, Dallas is a great option for just about anyone. There are jobs galore, a few other major metro areas nearby, and affordable housing.

Atascadero, California

Atascadero sits in the perfect spot: almost directly between the huge hubs of industry and commerce that are Los Angeles and San Francisco. As more and more residents grow tired of the Los Angeles rat race, people are looking for alternatives that still allow them to enjoy the climate of California.

If you’re interested in this fabulous location, we have an expert team of home remodelers in Atascadero, CA, ready to help.

Now that you know these five up-and-coming areas to build your dream home, plant your roots somewhere you’ll love!

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