5 Worst Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Coming up with design ideas for your kitchen is a lot of fun, but we’re here to help guide you away from a few potential errors. Once you know these five worst kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid, you can focus on making the space perfect for you without any worries.

Unconnected Cabinets

The strange design choice of a no man’s land above cabinets must stop! All that extra area does is allow for dust and grease collection. Instead, opt for taller cabinets for a cleaner kitchen, a trendier look, and extra space for dishes.

Visible Trash Cans

There’s no bigger eyesore in a kitchen than a trash can full to the brim. Thankfully, modern kitchens offer better options than a garbage bin stowed under your sink; install an automatic rail system in a low cabinet and keep your trash can accessible.

Bad Lighting

Lighting is essential when working with knives. Too much lighting causes a headache, and not enough lighting leads to dangerous situations—it’s important to assess both natural and artificial light in a kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen to allow for bigger windows is never a bad idea because natural light makes a room feel larger!

Lack of Backsplash

You may think that a backsplash is nothing more than an aesthetic choice. While backsplashes do make a kitchen look sleek and modern, they have a secondary function that you shouldn’t discount: they make it easier to clean up. Spills happen all the time in a kitchen, but a backsplash prevents regular walls from getting ruined.

No Work Triangle

The three key kitchen appliances are your stove, sink, and refrigerator. In many kitchen setups, these fixtures are spread out awkwardly, leading to more frustration and work when the time comes to cook dinner. Ideally, you should lay out these appliances in a triangular arrangement, making it easier to move between them and assisting with meal preparation.

Now that you know about these five worst kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid, contact professional kitchen remodelers in Paso Robles, CA to work with a team that will make your home perfect.

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