Home Remodeling in Morro Bay

Beautiful Morro Bay

Do you live in the paradise that is Morro Bay? Are you looking to start a home remodeling project in Morro Bay but can’t figure out where to start? If you answered yes to these questions, then please read on to learn how the experts at Gannage Design & Construction can help you.

Morro Bay is one of Gannage Design & Constructions favorite places to work. Located about 175 miles from Los Angeles, this coastal town has become the premiere destination for those seeking to own a slice of paradise. The weather is nice, and the views are beautiful. Despite being one of the more idyllic hidden gems in the US, the City of Morro Bay has one of the most stringent building departments in the county. This does not mean that obtaining a permit is impossible, one just has to know the correct hoops to jump through. The lead time on obtaining permits through the city of Morro Bay is generally in the 3-6 month time period. Don’t let this discourage you though, because property improvements in Morro Bay have always shown a good return on investment. Plus, the views. Seriously, you can’t beat the magnificent views that Morro Bay offers. To learn more about this wonderful community, please visit the Morro Bay City Website.

With decades of home remodeling and design-build experience Gannage Design & Construction is the go-to company for any remodeling or new addition build in Morro Bay.

New kitchen remodel in Morro Bay

With an entire home remodel this client completely overhauled their Pine Street Home, adding a rooftop deck with a master suite underneath. Now the view can be enjoyed from the deck, the kitchen and the living room. The sunsets are stunning.

New modern style house with addition in Morro Bay

This open-concept kitchen reflects the ocean’s mesmerizing colors with stunning quartz counter tops and blue subway tile. Sandy plank vinyl throughout the home makes the space look even bigger.

brand new kitchen and dinning remodel in morro bay

If you are interested in an addition or remodel in Morro Bay, give us a call. We would love to talk with you about your home remodeling ideas and what you are looking to accomplish. Contact Gannage Design & Construction today to get started.