How an ADU Can Add Value to Your Home

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Whether you’re looking for ways to bring in extra income, begin investing in real estate, or are interested in increasing the useable space and value of your home, an ADU is a perfect addition to any property. Let’s discuss what constitutes an ADU, the different types, and how an ADU can add value to your home.

What Is an ADU?

An ADU, also called an additional dwelling unit, is a unit either attached or detached to an existing home and often created for use as a rental, creating passive income for the owner or acting as additional living space for the home.

The following are three common types of ADUs:

Detached ADU

Just as the name suggests, the detached ADU is built separate from the existing home but is still on the property.

These work quite well as a passive income rental unit because they’re not connected to the home. They increase the value of the home simply because, as a detached unit, it often has more square footage.

Attached ADU

The attached ADU is, of course, attached to the existing home. They also increase value, which is determined by the square foot; however, many cities put a limit on how much attached square footage is allowed, often making them a bit smaller than a detached option.

The attached ADU creates passive income through renting, but they offer less privacy.

Garage or Barn ADU

The garage or barn ADU is an excellent choice for a dwelling unit because the foundation and walls already exist, which cuts down on costs for the addition.

They’re detached or attached depending on the building and increase property value while offering passive income.

What Is In an ADU?

Think of an ADU as a fully functioning apartment. They’re designed to be lived in, so they are built with electricity, plumbing, a full kitchen, bathroom, and living space. The sky is the limit really, and each one is designed according to space and budget.

How Are ADUs Used?

As mentioned, an additional dwelling unit is often used for passive income as a rental.

Another option for an ADU is known as a “granny flat” or “mother-in-law suite.” These additional units are basically small apartments—they’re often a blessing for families that need to take care of loved ones or just want to have them closer. They even work well for out-of-town guests and grown children needing a place to stay.

In conclusion, when considering how an ADU can add value to your home, decide if you’d prefer detached or attached, and consider if you have an area on the property that you can easily convert.

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