How Remodeling Your Kitchen Can Make It Feel Bigger

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but enjoying the kitchen is important. This is because it can increase the pleasure of cooking and improve all the moments we spend in the kitchen. The room is often a place to hang out and socialize. It’s understandable to want it to feel as light and spacious as possible. Here’s how remodeling your kitchen can make it feel bigger.

Choose Light Colors

Choosing new colors for the walls during your kitchen remodel makes the biggest impact on how the space feels. There’s no getting around it—dark colors shrink the room, and light colors make it feel larger. Therefore, when remodeling your kitchen to make it feel bigger, go with light colors on the walls.

Remove a Wall

Not every wall is free to come down. Load-bearing walls or walls necessary for appliances need to stay in place. However, if you have a wall free of these functions, you can open up the flow of the kitchen. This will instantly make the room look and feel bigger.

Raise the Cabinets

Elongated kitchen cabinets that nearly reach the ceiling add depth and make the room look larger than it actually is. If you have average cabinets with enough space above them, consider adding another level to the top to give the impression of tall cabinets. If you’re replacing them altogether, choose cabinets that are taller by design. You can also raise the cabinets you have, revealing new open space underneath.

Light It Up

Having bright lights everywhere is favorable. Lighting makes a tremendous difference in your kitchen, and you shouldn’t overlook it. Brightness is always great for giving your rooms a more spacious feel. Scattered ceiling lights are best for your remodeled kitchen. Canned lights and track lighting are both common forms of lighting in the kitchen as well. Having options is ideal for dimming at night and keeping things well-lit when cooking at any time.

Know That Your Backsplash Matters

Today, we’re more aware of backsplashes because they’re aesthetically popular. But they’re not just pretty; they’re functional too. Washing grease and dirt off a backsplash’s smooth surface leads to a happier result than greasy spots on the paint, especially behind the stove. When remodeling to make the kitchen look bigger, choose a light-colored backsplash, just as you would with paint.

Remodeling is an exciting time and the perfect opportunity to create your dream kitchen. At Gannage Design & Construction, we understand the excitement and anxiousness you feel when updating your kitchen. That’s why we’re passionate about kitchen remodeling as well as whole house remodeling. We’re proud to be trusted whole home remodeling contractors in Paso Robles, California, and all surrounding areas. Contact us today to begin designing a plan to open up your kitchen.

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