How To Choose the Right Material for Your Pool Deck

Summer is coming, and it will soon be time to bask in the rays and splash in the water. The right deck helps make an above-ground pool even more enjoyable. Unfortunately, deciding how to choose the right material for your pool deck is tough since all the choices work well. Let’s take a look at a few different options.


The wood deck has been around a long time and is still a favorite. Wood always looks beautiful and the right kind can handle the elements, including pool water. Choose a hardwood such as redwood or cedar.

Wood decks are a bit more upkeep than other choices because they are a natural material. They will need sealing yearly and a new coat of stain or paint every few years. The upkeep is worth it since wood feels great under our feet, is all-natural, and always a classic choice.


Aluminum decking materials come pre-finished, so no painting or staining is necessary. Their light weight makes the product easy to handle and install.

A special saw is needed to cut the aluminum boards, so keep that in mind. Each deck piece is coated in a non-slip coating, making them perfect around a pool. A few great benefits of aluminum boards are they won’t rust, rot, and they clean easily. Bring on the water—aluminum can handle it.


Vinyl, also called PVC, is extremely popular thanks to its incredible looks and durability. It’s resistant to just about everything, including moisture and mold. You won’t see a vinyl deck fade easily, even directly in the sun.

When choosing the right material for your pool deck, you’ll want choices, and vinyl has them. It comes in an array of colors and even offers the look of wood grains, making it tough to tell if the deck is real wood or vinyl. However, vinyl sometimes comes with a higher price tag due to all its great benefits. The luxurious feeling under your feet and very little upkeep (no stain or paint required) make the price tag worth it.


Composite material is a mix of plastic, wood fibers, and a binding agent. It looks incredibly similar to wood and is a common deck material choice (without the splinters).

Although it contains wood fibers, it requires no upkeep. Just like aluminum and vinyl, it’s weather-resistant and won’t need painting or staining.

Is a Deck Necessary?

Yes, a deck is absolutely necessary around your pool. No one wants to step out of the water and onto the grass, and even worse, bring the grass back into the pool. Decks offer a place for guests to sit and enjoy the pool without getting into the water. They simply bring everyone together on a beautiful, summer day.

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