How To Hire a Contractor for a Home Addition

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If you’re planning a home addition, it’s more than likely something you’ve had planned for a while. You can picture it exactly how you want it, and now it’s time to put that vision into someone else’s hands. Where to begin when deciding how to hire a contractor for a home addition can be the toughest part. Let’s discuss a few ideas to get your home addition started with the best contractor available.

Get Referrals

Now is the time to allow your friends to share their strong opinions. Ask friends and neighbors if they have had any remodeling done and if so, would they recommend their contractor?

Doing a quick online search may yield plenty of results but sifting through them all is time consuming. Sometimes word of mouth and seeing what a contractor did for another house is the best way to get opinions.


Many people skip this important step because they feel bad asking for an interview. In reality, a home addition is a time-consuming investment. It’s a big deal so taking a few minutes of a contractor’s time to see if you will be a good fit together is completely worthwhile and necessary.

If a contractor refuses or acts offended, they aren’t the contractor for you.


Ask the contractor you are considering to steer you toward some reviews and pictures of their work. Usually, the really good ones are eager to do this before you even ask.

Explain Your Budget

As you interview different contractors, be open and honest about the budget you have. Now isn’t the time to be prideful about money.

If your budget is tight with no wiggle room, your potential contractor would rather know up front so they can be prepared to handle the project.

Go With Your Gut

Is it ever wrong to go with your gut? If so, we’ve never experienced it. Our “gut” often knows things before we do. When it comes to hiring a contractor for your home addition, your gut will have the answer.

If a contractor just rubs you the wrong way, go on to the next interview. It will spare you both some misery.

It isn’t necessary to feel like your contractor is your best friend, however. It’ll be a good working relationship with few glitches, just like any normal relationship—working or otherwise—should be.

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