Mikhail obtained his General Contractor License in April 2000 but has been in the industry far before that. The Gannage Family has been involved in property development for three generations. His attention to detail, extensive construction knowledge and commitment to excellent, timely communication are some of the things that set him apart from other general contractors. Making smart investment choices is something Mikhail is passionate about and it shows in how he guides his clients.

30 percent of all new construction-related business fail the first year…74 percent fail by the end of the third year. 90- to 96 percent fail by the end of the 10-year cycle” – Michael C. Stone, author.

Mikhail is proud to have been in business for over 19 years and going strong.

Mikhail is the father to 4 children, two are currently attending college. Mikhail understands that helping provide shape to the dreams of our youth changes their reality. He donates his time to several local non-profits like Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation where he is on the board and steering committee for their new building. In Mikhail’s free time he coaches a high school speech and debate team, tends to his ranch and enjoys taking his wife, Keena, on dates.