Barn to ADU Conversion in Atascadero, CA

Turning An Idea Into A Profitable Investment

This Additional Dwelling Unit is currently rented out and bringing in passive income for these clients.



This ADU Turned Into Passive Income

This Atascadero client had a barn with unused attic space above that they wanted to convert into an Additional Dwelling Unit. In order to maximize headspace, we opted to enlarge several existing dormers in what would become the bedrooms and living spaces. This client now has a beautiful ADU that is generating passive income for them. 

After replacing the floor framing to bring it up to residential construction standards, we moved on to reframing most of the roof. In order to make this small space feel as large as possible, we opted to vault the ceilings as much as possible. This ADU layout allowed for a large bathroom that included stacked laundry, a separate dining nook, plenty of kitchen counter space, and a deck that got morning sun. 

Built To Maximize Their ROI

Even though the footprint is small, it is well appointed, which allows these clients to maximize the return on their investment. When we are designing for rental units, we make sure to install fixtures and appliances that not only are beautiful but hardy and well tested. Many of our team members have been in business for over 20 years and have product recommendations, and know which brands to avoid. This type of information is invaluable to landlords. This Additional Dwelling Unit is currently rented out and bringing in passive income for these clients.



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