Basement Additional Dwelling Unit- Morro Bay

From Unfurnished Basement To One Bedroom Apartment

This Morro Bay ADU currently pays the mortgage on this home.




Major cleanup was needed to bring this project to life.

Being on a hill, this home had a pretty extensive unfinished basement which gave us plenty of room to carve out a one-bedroom apartment. Before we could get started, though, we had to clear out years of clutter, dig down for a level foundation and shore up the driveway above. The wall behind the fridge was existing support for the main house above and had a large footer that could not be removed. We were able to cut a small section for the hallway but opted to just frame a super thick wall which allowed for the double-sided electric fireplace. Two-tone cabinets help draw your eye up, giving the space a larger feel. Light is always an issue in basements, but this space featured a standard-sized glass slider, kitchen window, and front door with ¼ lite, which brightened the whole space.

And it was worth it!

This Morro Bay ADU now pays the mortgage on this home.




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