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A Family Home Designed To Meet Their Needs

Functional and Fabulous


A dream kitchen perfect for entertaining

This kitchen remodel was motivated by these clients’ passion for cooking! Now that he had retired, he spent much more time in the kitchen and loved entertaining his friends and family. The space they had was not cutting it anymore.

We removed the soffit above the kitchen, which housed electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. These lines all had to be rerouted or relocated so that we could continue to vault to the ceiling peak. To gain a little more counter space, we opted to reduce the sliding door to the pool to a single french door. 

Safe for the kiddos and grandpa and plenty of outdoor space!

In preparation for visits from the grandkids, these clients opted for Luxury Plank Vinyl throughout the home, which is completely waterproof and slip-resistant. 

We also extended their living and entertaining space to include a covered patio and pergola. The pergola serves a double purpose as that exterior wall had previously been exposed to long hours of the hot baking sun.

To round out this project, we remodeled the hall bathroom. These clients were preparing for dad to move in and opted for a zero-clearance shower. Because a zero-clearance shower has no step or transition, getting a walker in and out will be easy. We placed blocking in the wall for the installation of grab-bars down the road if the need arises.



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