Bay Area Loft Addition

Los Osos Oasis

With Bold Color and Flair



A Retreat To Escape To

Being a retreat from the busy Bay Area bustle, this client wanted to make this Los Osos oasis match her personality. In order to accomplish this, she needed to be able to see the ocean and add more flair.  So we went up, and we added color! 

This house was built for entertaining

This home addition included enlarging her entry ever so slightly, adding a powder room down below and a loft office with views above. 

We brought in bold colors, fun textures, and wood accents to warm up the space. She now has the perfect office and guest space above her new covered porch and larger entry. The wood panel bed reminded her of the hostels she stayed at overseas and provided a cozy place for guests. This window seat has custom storage built in under the seat to maximize this space. A spiral staircase not only became a focal point but also saved space in this small home. 



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