Home Addition Project in San Luis Obispo, CA

After Over 30 Years In The Family

It Was Time For An Update




More space for the whole family

This San Luis Obispo home had served this family for over 30 years but now needed a major update and more space to accommodate an adult child moving home and their desire to provide a safe space for dad. In addition to that, one corner of their garage had sunk due to earthquakes and settling dirt. With these things in consideration, we opted to add a master suite, reconfigure the downstairs bathroom to accommodate a walker, and remodel the kitchen and living areas.

As no part of this home was left untouched, this family got a short-term rental across town for the duration of this project. After all their possessions were removed from the home, demolition began. 

We stripped the siding off the front of the house and the garage in order to prop up the garage and tie our addition into the existing framing properly. After footings were dug, underground plumbing went in, and then the foundation was poured. Framing, trusses, siding, and roofing all went in fairly quickly, and then we were able to get started on the interior finishes.

And a stress free remodel

This client trusted our design professionals when it came to finish materials, colors, and textures. Because of this, her process had minimal stress, and her finished product was beautiful. With two master suites, two guest rooms, and three bathrooms, everyone has their own dedicated spaces that are functional and beautiful. A home addition is just what this home needs!



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