San Luis Obispo Kitchen Remodel

A Modern Kitchen

“California Cool” Transformation



A Kitchen That Makes A Statement

This young couple had been in this outdated home for several years and decided it was time to add functionality and style. We tore out an outdated kitchen and all the light fixtures and gave ourselves a blank canvas to work with. 

Functional & Sophisticated

We modified the roof framing in the kitchen and living room to a vaulted ceiling. This made a smaller space feel large and bright. A combination of whites and woods completed this “California Cool” transformation.



5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Major Remodel
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You should feel confident and excited during your home-remodeling process. After all, the builder you choose could mean the difference between a project that’s done right, on time, and on budget and one that costs too much, takes too long, and is fraught with quality problems.

But with every remodeling company claiming to be qualified, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one?

Download 5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Major Remodel, written by Master Builder, Mikhail Gannage. This guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes that wind up costing you a ton of money and time.

In it, you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • How do I plan my budget?
  • How do I pick the right remodeling team?
  • Should I set a deadline?
  • What will the impact on my living situation be, and how do I plan for it??
  • How do I choose the right selections?
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