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Color Selectable Canned Lights

Light is important. It can affect our mood and modify how we see color. We rarely complete a remodel that did not include added recessed can lights. But did you know you can get different color LED lights?

Old incandescent light bulbs were in the 2450k-2700k range. Because of the yellow tint to the light, rooms often looked dingy. Now thanks to LED, we have more options. Up until this point, choosing the correct color temperature for your home was fairly difficult. Seeing 100 lights all plugged in together in a showroom does not give you a realistic idea of what several canned lights in your kitchen will look like.

However, there is a new product that has simplified this whole process! (No more purchasing several bulbs and switching them out).

halo recessed lighting

This new product has a slide switch on the back of the fixture that allows you to switch color temperature in minutes! The light does not cost any more than traditional canned light and comes in several trim options.

Different tempuratures provide different benefits

Having the correct color temperature allows for your paint color to be viewed at its best. Warm white LEDs around 2700K bring richness to red, browns, and yellows because the light is slightly more yellow than white. Cool white LEDs between 3500K to 4000K have a slightly more blue tint, which makes them ideal for whites, blue, greens, and purple.

Light therapy studies have found that different light colors affect your mood and heart rate. Different intensities of light cause the body to release different hormones. A high color temperature triggers the release of Serotonin which affects our mood and energy levels. This is referred to as blue light or a cool temperature and occurs naturally from the sun during the day. Bright natural light is best for office spaces and commercial buildings as it promotes efficiency and alertness.

A low color temperature triggers the production and release of Melatonin which causes us to unwind, relax and then become sleepy. Low color temperature is often referred to as warm, red light and occurs naturally at the end of the day.

Different spaces may require different color temperatures, but now you only have to make one lighting selection. We are very excited about this new product and will be including it in our future projects.

If you are interested in adding light to your home, contact us today!

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