Reasons To Build a Home Addition

There comes a time in a growing family’s life when the need for more space becomes a priority. Kids want their own rooms, or perhaps an aging relative needs care and must move in with you. Selling your home, buying a new one, and moving is one way to accommodate, but uprooting yourself from your friends and neighbors might not be what you want. There are many reasons to build a home addition, but here are some of the most common.

More Space and Storage

Families are sticking together for longer now, and adult children may be working from their parents’ homes. Add grandchildren and aging grandparents, and you return to the old ways of several generations of family living together under one roof. That may only be possible with more space.

As we age, we accumulate more stuff. If your children are grown, odds are, your basement or attic is full of stuff from their childhood or college years. You could insist they take it all to their own place, but their place is likely even smaller than yours. Plus, you kept that stuff because you’re not ready to let go of it just yet. Sentimental value is real. An addition can provide more storage without the need to move.

A Bigger Kitchen

Kitchens have become the social hubs of the home. If you and your family members find yourself bumping into each other while trying to prepare meals, an addition can provide a bigger kitchen that accommodates an open floor plan that flows into a family room. That way, everyone can hang out together while preparing meals, fetching snacks, or enjoying cold drinks on summer days.

Open-plan kitchens are very popular with homebuyers, too. If you’re considering selling your home, a new kitchen may add value. But it’s not a good idea to take on the expense of a home addition just to increase resale value. Real estate markets can shift suddenly. The best reasons to build a home addition are those that make your home a place you want to stay for years to come.

Bump-Ups, Bump-Outs, and Bathrooms

Home additions don’t have to be huge projects. You can increase the utility of your home by making a room larger with a bump-out. If your zoning permits, you can also add a master suite by bumping up. Perhaps all you need is an additional bathroom.

Special-purpose rooms are another way to add on. If your lot is larger and has a lovely backyard, a sunroom allows year-round enjoyment. A media room completes a home for a film buff, and a rec room gets teens moving.

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