Therese S.- Major Home Remodel Atascadero

I can’t praise Mikhail and his team highly enough!!! We interviewed many contractors before we began our project but Mikhail just stood out. He was personable and friendly while giving us great ideas and options and really spent his time listening and communicating to everyone involved. I’m sure our family together was a lot to take, but he always was honest and straightforward while interacting with us and always had a genuine smile.

Because this was a first time large scale remodel for our family, we were very involved and concerned but the communication all throughout the project was excellent and when any issues (solely with suppliers) came up, they were quick to respond and attempt to fix the problem.

They bid on a MASSIVE home remodel project for us and then after we significantly scaled it back to 1/4 of the work, were still gracious enough to rebid for much less work although we must have driven them crazy after changing our minds so much. We ended up gutting and remodeling two bathrooms including one with a custom shower, remodeling a deck (from the supports on up), blowing out a wall and creating a brand new large deck off our living room, replacing the windows throughout the entire house, replacing siding on the front of our house, replacing our roof, along with numerous items of repair on our 30+ year old home.

Other reason we chose Gannage Construction, was because of their use a project management system which you could use access not only online but also through an app. It was priceless to immediately be able to provide them with answers to any questions as things arose, being able to make product selections, view invoices or an updated schedule or even to ask a quick question! Their use of CoConstruct really made us feel a part of the process even when we weren’t able to be at the job site.

Denise, the office admin was great about sourcing suppliers, handling our payments and communicating with us throughout the project. She really is a great asset in helping the office run smoothly.

The subcontractors that they used did beautiful work and you could tell they really took pride in doing their job as craftsmen rather than just “getting it done” and universally went above and beyond.

Some examples were: the deck guys noticing a slight sag in our wire railings and fixing it before anyone mentioned it or helping a delivery guy push a heavy pallet jack up a hill because his truck couldn’t make it up our driveway. Ramon and Jose also really impressed me when the concrete pumper was running late, they chose to find something else to do rather than goofing off till he arrived. El from Monarch Windows who noticed a crumbling caulking job on a window a different company had installed and offered to re-caulk while they were here. Miguel the tile guy somehow finding a way to install a tile baseboard on a wall that was anything but straight and make it look fantastic! Dennis Morrison who is a true jack off all trades and was there throughout the entire project, more times than I could count noticed little things that needed fixing or adjusted and was always thinking of ways to make the house a better home in addition to his already assigned work.

All of these guys individually did great work but together their efforts combined with the ease of working with Mikhail, Aaron, and Denise made this large project go so much more smoothly than I ever could have imagined. I couldn’t recommend them more highly and would hire them again in a heartbeat!