Home Repair Services

Don’t put the “for sale” sign in the yard just yet. Maintaining a home is frustrating when things go wrong, but before you throw in the towel, contact Gannage construction for your home repair service needs. We take the stress out of house repairs and help homeowners fall in love with their space again.  

Why Hire a Contractor? 

A trusted contractor understands the urgency of a situation when you need home repair services. We know you want the repairs done, so you can get on with other things in life—all while knowing your home is safe and in good condition.  

DIY projects are fun, but when it comes to bigger issues, this tactic can get risky. Get repairs done right, so you have peace of mind and your home retains its value.  

How Can Gannage Help? 

What constitutes a home repair? It seems in our homes there’s always something that needs fixing—but when do you need a home repair contractor? Here are some common situations that require home repair services, such as what we offer at Gannage Construction: 

Siding Repair & Replacement 

Siding protects our homes and looks beautiful when well maintained. Improperly installed siding will allow water intrusion, pest problems and cause heater and cooling inefficiencies. Missing flashing and house wrap are common issues that lead to failure. Wood siding that has not been painted regularly can also crack and allow water to seep in, this will often present as bulging in your siding. Gannage Construction offers house siding repair so that your home looks like new again. 

Deck Repair & Building 

Your outdoor living area is just as important as the rest of the house. A sturdy and attractive deck gives a homeowner additional living space to use for entertaining, relaxation, and time with family.  If your deck starts to feel “squishy” or moves when you walk on it, it’s probably time to have it evaluated for dry rot and structural integrity. Improper flashing and incorrect hardware can lead to decks that are less than safe and do not hold up to weather. Gannage Construction specializes in beautiful deck building and repair. From repairs to new builds, our in-house crew is with you from design to finish.  

Structural Damage 

You mustn’t ignore structural damage, such as dry rot or section one repairs (damage from termites and other pests). Gannage Construction’s knowledgeable and experienced crew understands the concern that comes with structural damage. That’s why we make it a priority to repair those damages as quickly as possible, leaving your home with a solid structure.  

Trust Gannage Construction with all your home repair needs. From home siding repair to new deck builds and everything in between, we can provide you with what you need. Contact us now, and let’s see how Gannage Construction can help get your home looking and feeling new again.