New Additions

New addition with beige walls

Location. Location. Location. It has been driven into our heads. But sometimes the perfect location doesn’t have a perfect house. Often times clients have fallen in love with a lot because of the view, the shade trees or the neighborhood but there is simply just not enough room for their family or lifestyle. This is where additions come into play.

Open kitchen with living room addition

Perhaps your family is growing or you want to host a better get-together. That was the case in this Atascadero Addition and Remodel job. We completely removed the whole back side of the house and added 12 feet. Turning two tiny bedrooms into a master suite, laundry area, guest room, and family room.

exterior of addition process

The photos below are from another addition in Morro Bay. Our clients inherited this home but were ready to make it their own. In addition to reconfiguring the central staircase, they added a bedroom and bathroom below with roof deck above to maximize their view of the ocean.

Finished addition to modern style home
beautiful added back deck

Additions come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients just need a few extra feet while others need a massive addition which usually involves reworking the roof configuration. Whatever your need is, Gannage Design & Construction has the experience and the knowledge to tie the addition into your existing home so that you cannot tell where the addition starts and stops. Additions are complex for numerous reasons including tying into potentially outdated electrical and plumbing systems. When you find that perfect place but the house need help, contact Gannage Design & Construction to ensure your perfect location gets the perfect house it deserves.

Construction of new addition

“Gannage Construction’s concern for the homeowner’s feeling of uncertainty and anxiety prior to and during the unfamiliar and stressful remodeling process was evident throughout all stages of the project.

My anxieties and uncertainties were alleviated by the emphasis on including the homeowner in the work progress, education about construction expectations, the efficient scheduling and rapid completion of each stage and of the good quality work and clear communication on all aspects. The use of the Co-Construct program to enhance communication between Gannage Design & Construction and homeowner was greatly appreciated. Yay teamwork!”

Suzan B.

“Mikhail and his crew remodeled and completely updated our home, adding a bathroom and laundry room and redesigning the interior space to be more beautiful and meet our functional needs. They were punctual, professional and stayed within the proposed budget. We highly recommend their work and would hire them again.”

Deborah H.

“Gannage Construction built an addition to my art studio which also required cutting into our sloped yard, adding a retaining wall and concrete walkway. They worked quickly to enclose the room so that we could comfortably stay in our home during the remodel. And, they finished off the inside first so that I could move everything back in and get back to creating.

They also built a small deck, created a spa area, opened up the side yard to add an area for trash receptacles/BBQ, all of which changed the whole feel of our back yard.

Mikhail and his crew were awesome. He provided a detailed, fairly priced bid, and did exactly what we were hoping for in a timely, professional and friendly manner. The sub contractors he hired did a great job as well.

Hire Gannage Construction–you’ll be glad you did!”

Kathi B.