Should You Move or Remodel Your Home?

Many homeowners have trouble deciding what to do with their desire for an upgraded living situation. Is it better to spend more, uproot your life, and move to your dream house, or spend less, deal with construction, and make your current house better for your needs? We’ll help you figure out whether you should move or remodel your home.


It’s no secret that moving is the more common of the two options. When most homeowners want an upgrade, they talk to a realtor, not a contractor. Let’s look at what moving entails, both positively and negatively.

New Environment

A new town and floor plan go a long way toward refreshing your life. There isn’t much you can do about having underwhelming schools to choose from unless you pick up and move. A new environment could be an essential consideration if your current house isn’t as much of an issue as its location.

Upgraded Space

Remodeling can upgrade a floor plan, but if every room is smaller than you want it to be, you may end up spending more money than it costs to buy a new house!

Lifestyle Changes

While moving to a new city or state might help with school districts, it can also throw your life out of whack. Your kids may not want to leave their friends behind and it could be tough to find a new job. Plus, depending on how far you move, you might have to adapt significantly. Winters in Buffalo are a lot harsher than those in Florida.


If you’re looking for a significant change with a smaller price tag, remodeling could be right for you. Read on to find out some pros and cons of remodeling.

Less Hassle than Moving

Moving requires months of house hunting, weeks of negotiations, countless hours of packing, and a long drive in a moving truck. Plus, you’ll need to find a new job, get your kids into a different school, and find new doctors and dentists for the whole family. Remodeling requires a little packing but a much smaller hassle.

Customizable Options

Moving to a new house is overkill if you only want to update your kitchen. Remodeling allows you to pick and choose the areas that need a little TLC while leaving other rooms untouched. If you need a professional home remodeling contractor in Paso Robles, California, we’ve got you covered!

Construction Times

While the best remodelers can keep project times to a minimum, there’s no doubt that you’ll have to spend at least a few days in a makeshift construction site. While it’s not as time-consuming as the moving process, it can still feel like an inconvenience.

Now that you know whether you should move or remodel your home, enjoy building your dream house or finding it on the market!

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