The Different Types of Decks

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start getting outside. Decks are the perfect option for staying home and getting out. When it’s time to decide about what kind of deck you need for your home, be sure to check out all of the different types of decks before deciding. Decks can be a part of any home, but the design must be right.

Wraparound Deck

The wraparound deck is similar to the iconic farmhouse wraparound porch.

The deck is usually elevated above the ground and can be built at any level. A wraparound deck offers a unique style as it can wrap around the entire house.

They offer many benefits such as fresh air entering the home when doors are left open. They serve as additional entertaining space for guests on beautiful warm nights. And, when built well, a wraparound deck is simply stunning with its bold appearance.

Multi-Tier Deck

The multi-tier deck is perfect for larger homes. The different levels add depth and interest to a home, giving it a unique look.

A multi-tier deck usually consists of two tiers. They can be different sizes; one layer could be smaller and the other larger, or, depending on needs and style, they could both be the same size.

For families who love to entertain, the multi-tier deck offers endless possibilities. Think of the extra decks as outdoor rooms. The sky is truly the limit.

Detached Deck

We usually equate decks with being attached directly to the house, but they actually don’t need to be.

A detached deck is separate from the home but still connected in some way, often through the use of a staircase or pathway. Think of it as an island on your property. (Because who wouldn’t like to own an island?)

One benefit of a detached deck is its ability to cover up useless land. Because a deck is built off the ground, you can take advantage of covering up any areas of your yard that can’t be used well, such as marshy or rocky sections.

Rooftop Deck

Don’t assume you can’t have a deck because you live in the city with no yard. Thanks to the different types of decks, a rooftop deck may be your solution—as long as you have a flat roof.

Imagine enjoying the evening skyline from your deck on the roof? Or sunbathing in the summer without leaving the city?

A rooftop deck offers a rare opportunity to enjoy city life and the outdoors without a yard.

As with any deck, a rooftop deck must meet certain codes and have structural aspects checked out by an engineer to make sure it’s safe as it sits on top of the building.

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