Tips for Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

You have finally decided to do some remodeling and probably can’t wait to begin. Your contractor will be with you every step of the way, so you need to make sure you choose the right one for the job. You will have to consider personality, cost, and a good reputation when deciding who is best. Follow these tips for hiring a home remodeling contractor to get you started.

Seek Recommendations

As with many things, finding out who your neighbors and friends have hired and trusted is always a great start. Rather than simply googling and coming up with random names, begin by asking around and then find contact information.

Ask their reasons for why they recommend them. Were they a whole home remodeling contractor or did they just do one area? Were they easy to work with and have a quick response time? Try to get as many recommendations as possible to give you more choices. What matters to one person may not be what is important to you.

Schedule Interviews

Don’t feel bad asking for a phone interview and then also a face-to-face meeting before deciding. The phone call will give you a quick, basic idea about them, and an in-person meeting will help you see if your personalities will work well together. If a contractor has a problem with that, they probably aren’t the contractor for you.

Interviews don’t have to take long. Find out what they charge, what their experience is, and if they can offer any reviews for you to see.

Compare and Choose

Now that you’ve had your interviews and gathered all the information, it is time to choose. How you choose will depend on what matters most to you.

Do you need the remodeling to begin ASAP? Then you may want the contractor who is a bit newer and not as booked. If you have time and want the assurance that your contractor is experienced, then you’ll be willing to wait for the one who may not be available for a few months but has plenty of reviews and pictures to make you feel comfortable.

And then there is cost. Cost is hugely important and has to be a part of your decision, but you can’t allow it to be everything. Try to choose by balancing cost with reputation and who simply made you feel comfortable. As with many things in life, your gut will probably have the right answer.

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