Top Considerations for a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is used more than any other area of a home. Of course, we all want ours to fit our lifestyle and feel comfortable and welcoming. Remodeling is a great option to give you the kitchen of your dreams without moving. It also increases the value of your home when done properly. There are some top considerations for a kitchen remodel to take into account, so it is done correctly, efficiently, and brings many years of happy cooking and gathering.

Have a Plan

The serious planning type will find this suggestion obvious. However, there are those of us who get really excited and jump in full speed ahead without a complete plan.

Kitchen plans will change as they go because of surprises and sudden needs arising. Being flexible is important, but try to plan as much as you can ahead of time to avoid too many surprises and changes.

Understand in what order things need to happen and work from there.

Make a Schedule

Work with a realistic timeline to avoid disappointment. Don’t expect to finish in one month if the reality is one year.

Schedules will be dependent on contractors, plumbers, and electricians and when they can show up to help. It’s important to be patient and expect that there will be schedule changes along the way.

Keep the Code

An electrician should know the codes in your area for you. Ask a few questions when choosing an electrician for your kitchen remodel to be sure that is a top priority for them.

GFCI outlets, the proper number of outlets and power needed for each, must all be done correctly for safety and resale down the road.

Be Realistic

If you have a galley kitchen, don’t plan for a giant island. And if you have a kitchen the size of a large living room, don’t stick a tiny island on wheels in the middle of the space.

Do what makes sense for your home—more than anything, make the kitchen work for you.

Choose a Contractor

Of all the top considerations for a kitchen remodel, nothing is more important than the contractor. Interview many until you know you have found one who listens and makes you feel comfortable.

Do not begin a kitchen remodel without one. They will be there for you for everything from start to finish, answering all your many questions. Your contractor will send the electricians, plumbers, tile installers, and anybody else all the information they need.

In other words, save yourself from multiple headaches by working with a contractor.

Gannage Design and Construction are the trusted kitchen remodelers in Paso Robles, CA, and surrounding areas. Contact us, and we can put together a plan for your dream kitchen.

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