Top Home Designs in Atascadero, CA

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The design of a home says a lot about who lives there. From modern to traditional style, California sees it all. In this article, we’ll look at the top home designs in Atascadero, CA. Atascadero is the perfect place to call home because of its great central location and small-town atmosphere.

Modern Style Home

The modern style home is often confused with the contemporary home, but they are two different things. Modern means clean lines, function over aesthetics, and open spaces. You may have heard of mid-century modern, which reflects the late 1940s through the 50s. Today, with the growth of minimalism design, the modern style home is often desired for its clean and simple style.

Contemporary Style Home

Contemporary refers to the current trends. A contemporary home design changes as needed and is often as innovative as the current period it lives in. These homes are usually just one story with floor-to-ceiling windows, and sometimes designed with exposed beams. They may include eco-friendly designs, such as sustainable flooring materials and landscaping that also serves as a food source.

The Mediterranean Home

For many, when picturing homes in California, it’s the Mediterranean style that comes to mind—the red-tiled roofs, unique archways, and plaster walls. Mediterranean style clearly says California. The Mediterranean style features heavy wooden doors, ornamental design, and colorful tiling throughout the house. It’s the perfect, elegant design when living near water.

Ranch-Style Home

The ranch-style home is similar to the modern home, with straight, clean lines, one story, and more often than not, open spaces. The focus is function. Ranch-style homes came about when people began owning cars and so wanted garages. They’re modeled after the ranches built in the rural west of the country.

Traditional Style Home

The traditional style home is usually a two-story home with evenly spaced windows and a covered entrance. Many homeowners find comfort in a traditional home because they’re predictable. You’ll find subdivisions full of traditional-style homes, meaning they’ll look almost identical and even have similar interiors down to the furniture and simple décor.

No matter your style of home—whether it’s one of the top home designs in Atascadero, CA, or a design unique to you—your homes should be an extension of yourself, and a warm welcome to all who enter. It’s possible to make your home exactly what you want, no matter the original design. At Gannage Design and Construction, we’re proud to be the trusted home remodelers in Atascadero, CA, and all surrounding areas. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know your needs in home design. Together, we’ll create a house that becomes home, and a lifetime of memories.

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