Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2021

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Trends often influence even those who love creating their own style without realizing it. As we look back on home trends through the years or look ahead to what’s coming, the trends tell a story. Our homes are the heartbeat of society. The latest trends tell us what’s on everyone’s minds, and yesterday’s trends remind us of what once was. Today we are discussing the top home remodeling trends for 2021. Enjoy reading and finding your inspiration.

Dedicated Space

One of the biggest changes in our society in the past year is that more people work from home and spend more time there by choice. So, guess what? Those open concepts we all grew to love are causing families to look for dedicated spaces for everyone’s well-being.

With an open concept, no one can escape easily to a quiet place. Walls are going up to create more rooms, closets have turned into areas for a desk and computer, and basements have replaced gym memberships.

You can make your dedicated space a meditation room, home office, home gym, or reading nook. People are looking at creating what they need at home, whether it’s for work or self-care.

Outdoor Living Space

Our backyards have become very important to us. For example, outdoor kitchens are on the rise, and firepits and decks have turned into comfortable retreats. Maybe it was the pandemic, but one of the biggest changes we’ve seen for the top home remodeling trends for 2021 is homeowners embracing outdoor living.

Bold Colors

It’s about time, right? Soft neutrals have had their spotlight for quite a while now, and we think it’s fun to see bold colors making a comeback. Putting a bold color on the walls is an inexpensive way to change a room completely. For 2021, teal, bright yellow, and deep grays and browns own the top of the list.

Putting Up Walls

Never healthy in relationships but gaining popularity in homes, many homeowners are putting the walls back up. The open concept has many benefits, but there’s something nice about separating rooms. For one, homeowners can give separate spaces their own personalities. Another perk is the gift of alone time. No matter how much we love our family, sometimes we need a little space. With rooms separated rather than open and exposed, the dining room, living room, or kitchen become a quiet oasis.

Every homeowner makes their house their home. It’s fun to look at the latest trends and helpful to know when listing your home. But if you aren’t going anywhere soon, design your home to fit your lifestyle and reflect your style. At Gannage Design and Construction, we believe every part of your home is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of life. We are the trusted home remodeling company in Paso Robles, CA. Contact us, and let’s discuss your dream home and see how we can help you make it a reality.

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