What You Should Know About New Home Additions

There are plenty of useful reasons to build an addition onto your home. Life changes now and then and so do our needs within our homes. An extra bedroom, new living space, entertaining space, home office —additions have never-ending uses. Before jumping into your design of a new addition, let’s look at the things you should know about adding a new addition, so you aren’t left with unwelcome surprises and an unfinished room.

Cost and Resale Value

First and foremost, what will this addition cost you? Are you prepared for the financial impact? Many people use home equity loans or save up the cash for years. The first step is finding a contractor you trust to give you a realistic estimate.

Next, speak with a realtor about your local housing market. As they help buyers in the area, ask them if your type of addition sells well. You’ll want an estimate on how much the addition will improve or hinder your resale value. Thankfully, a well-built addition nearly always increases the value of a home.

DIY or Professional Help

One way to save on costs for an addition is to do some of it yourself. You don’t have to be a construction worker to help in some way. Can you paint the walls and trim rather than hiring a painter? How about hanging window treatments and shelves on your own?

Many of us don’t have the skills to build the addition ourselves, but maybe there are some small items you can cover on your own and save a little money.

Popular Additions

Make your addition whatever you desire—after all, it’s your home. If you know you need extra space but aren’t sure how you’d like to use the addition, here’s a list of the most popular types of additions to help you out.


Sunrooms are possibly the most popular type of home addition. Large or small, they feel nice and open thanks to plenty of windows and sunshine coming in. The great thing about sunrooms is they can be used for many purposes, such as a sitting room, office, workout room, or even an extra entertainment room.

The Bump-Out

The term “bump-out” refers to increasing the size of an existing room with an addition. For example, you may make the kitchen larger with a bump-out. Extra space is built just like any addition but doesn’t require the room to be completely rebuilt since it’s getting attached to what already exists.

A Complete Room Addition

A full room addition is more conventional; this is when the homeowner gains an entirely new room or rooms. These additions require the most time and money but are well worth it.

As you consider the things you should know about a home addition, remember there are a few different types. Decide which one improves your home’s value and creates a space you know you’ll use daily.

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