Which Flooring Is Right for Your Home Remodel?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. They seem never-ending when remodeling a home, especially the decision of flooring. It’s understandable, after all—the wrong paint choice is easy enough to replace, but if you don’t like the flooring, it’s a bit more disruptive to fix. Let’s discuss flooring options to help in deciding which flooring is right for your home remodel.


Some things never go out of style. Of all the flooring, hardwood has been around the longest and is still going strong. It’s durable, beautiful, and natural; there’s so much to love about it. Hardwood makes any room stylish, but nevertheless, there are some areas to avoid placing it when deciding which flooring is right for your home remodel.

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Mudroom
  • Basements

Any area which collects moisture is not a place for hardwood floors. You’ll want to consider rugs for protection when choosing hardwood. Not only will you appreciate the softness of a rug, but they also aid in preventing things such as a coffee table from scratching your beautiful hardwood floors.

Vinyl or Laminate

The biggest difference between vinyl and laminate flooring is laminate has a wood core while vinyl is 100 percent synthetic. Both options are floating floors. This means that in the right conditions, they get installed directly over an existing floor covering.

The benefit of both vinyl and laminate is they look like a hardwood floor, yet the care requirements are simpler than real wood. They’re also less expensive to install, and vinyl is resistant to water damage and scratches. Both work well just about anywhere—although we’d recommend keeping laminate out of the bathrooms.

Ceramic Tile

Tile flooring is beautiful and durable, and although it comes in a wide variety of beautiful materials, ceramic tile is still the most popular of all tiles. Here are some features displaying why ceramic never goes out of style:

  • It’s versatile.
  • It comes in hundreds of color choices.
  • It’s hard to crack.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It is resistant to moisture.

As a flooring option, ceramic is a safe choice. Still, keep in mind it’s not warm and soft underfoot. In a bedroom, ceramic is a rude awakening to one’s feet on a chilly morning. However, in your bathrooms, kitchen, entryways, and mudrooms, ceramic is an excellent choice. You’ll see ceramic tile in living areas in warmer climates thanks to its natural, cool feeling.


Carpet isn’t as popular as it once was, but it isn’t going anywhere. Many people still enjoy its softness and warmth. It’s best suited in living areas and bedrooms, but we don’t recommend it for high traffic areas.

Unfortunately, carpet wears out quickly and is tough to clean compared to other options. Even so, don’t rule it out if the look and feel of carpet suit your style and needs. Just keep in mind it may need replacing within a few years.

We’ve covered the most popular flooring choices, but we know flooring decisions are tough. That’s why Gannage Design and Construction is available to help with those choices and professionally install any type of flooring, along with all other home remodeling needs. We are the trusted home remodelers in Atascadero, CA, and all surrounding areas. Contact us, and we’ll take your home remodeling journey from the design all the way to the finished project.

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